Housing Land Advocates serves as an educator and convener.

We bring together policy makers, planners, affordable housing practitioners, and other community members to discuss how land use planning can support Oregon’s affordable housing needs, and its goals.

The educational accomplishments of HLA and its members include:

  • Convening five statewide conferences, featuring topics such as affordable housing messaging; manufactured home park closures; and linking affordable housing with transportation and sustainability projects.
  • Collaborating with organizations including AARP, Willamette University College of Law, Oregon Association of Planners, and Disability Rights Oregon, to broaden our educational efforts and information delivery.
  • Developing a handbook, with the aid of Portland State University and AARP, to support public participation and  advocacy by seniors on the topics of land use planning and affordable housing.
  • Publishing scholarly and editorial articles in local publications.
  • Inviting students onto our board, to train the next generation of affordable housing advocates.

Follow the links below to access HLA conference materials and articles written by HLA Board members.





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