What We Do

Housing Land Advocates provides advocacy, education, technical assistance and legal representation on land use matters affecting affordable housing.

Since our founding in 2004, we have worked with local governments, interest groups, affordable housing providers, land use policy makers, and planners to ensure that state and local housing obligations are being met.

PortlandSome of our accomplishments include submitting letters of comment and testimony on state, local, and even national policy issues that impact housing affordability for Oregon communities; Convening five state-wide conferences on topics related to affordable housing and land use; And developing a handbook supporting public participation and advocacy by seniors.

Throughout all that we do, collaboration with other organizations has been a key strategy for Housing Land Advocates. As a volunteer-run organization there is a practical aspect to this.  But we also know that the impacts of housing affordability reach far beyond the basic need for shelter:  Housing is tied to public health, racial equity, and even environmental issues.  Our work has brought people together around common interests, creating a stronger voice for everyone.

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Explore our Resources section to learn more about the connections between land use and housing.

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