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Thank you to all the attendees, presenters, and volunteers who attending our 2012 conference- Taking Shelter: Affordable Housing in a Changing Economy. Presentation materials available through the links below.

Schedule of Events

9 a.m.  Shape Shifting: Present Trends that Will Shape Our Future

Bob Stacey, Metro Councilor Elect, District 6. Stacey presentation (pdf)

9:45 a.m.   Polka Dots and Stripes: Mismatch Between Supply and Demand in a Changed Economy

Bryce Ward, Senior Economist, ECONorthwest. Ward presentation (ppt slides)

10:45 a.m.  Planning For Affordable Housing In the Face of Systemic Change

Brad Schmidt, Reporter, The Oregonian. Schmidt presentation (ppt slides)

Matt Hastie, Project Manager, Angelo Planning Group. Hastie presentation (ppt slides)

Bryce Ward, Senior Economist, ECONorthwest

Moderator: Alex Dupey, Senior Planner, DEA

12:30 p.m.  Aging and Public Policy: Planning for the Needs of the Majority

Alan DeLaTorre, Portland State University’s Institute On Aging

Mark Person, PSU’s Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies

DeLaTorre/Person presentation (pdf)

1 p.m.  More Than Four Walls and a Roof: Accessible, Affordable Housing for People with Disabilities

Julie Nepveu, Senior Litigator, AARP Foundation. Nepveu presentation (.ppt slides)

2 p.m.  Inclusive Communities: Design for a Changing World

Marcy McInelly, President, UrbsWorks

Joseph Readdy, Urban Designer, Architect, Schemata Architecture

McInelly/Readdy presentation (link to .ppt slides)

Eli Spevak, Founder, Orange Splot LLC. Spevak presentation (pdf)

Moderator: Ben Schonberger, Senior Planner, Winterbrook Planning

3:20 p.m.   Dollars and Sense: Financing Affordable Housing in an Uncertain Economy

Barbara Sard, Vice President for Housing Policy, Center On Budget and Policy Priorities

Sard presentation: “How Federal Policy Changes May Affect the Financing of Affordable Housing” (.ppt slides)

Jerry Johnson, Principal, Johnson Reid LLC

Johnson presentation: “Local Market Trends Impacting Affordable Housing” (.ppt slides)

AICP CM credits for the conference can be logged here.

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